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Anjelica Bundle (Dark Spot Eraser)


" I love love love my skin since using these products! I have a confidence I've never experienced before! " ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Ashley M.

For those of us that struggle with recurring breakouts and the dark spots they leave behind, this bundle is for you.

The Anjelica bundle is designed with high quality, organic ingredients to help with people who suffer from acne, melasma and stubborn hyperpigmentation. Just three products will help fight inflammation and smooth your skin. May also help to even your skin tone and erase those dark spots just as quickly as they came.

All natural and effective, this is a must-have for anyone struggling with their skin.
Ingredients: Turmeric, Hemp Oil, Cinnamon Bark, Rose, Avocado, Papaya Extract, Safflower and Orange Essential Oil

This bundle includes: 

1. Complexion Bar - helps heal acne, brighten your skin tone, and gently cleanse.

2. Cinnamon Rose Serum - helps to combat acne, keep your skin hydrated and bring out your natural glow.

3. Dark Spot Eraser - helps to quickly lightens dark spots left over from scars and acne.